Foundation Contractors Dallas

Foundation Contractors Dallas

Dallas Foundation Contractor

As a Dallas Foundation Contractor, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Experience matters to us. We have the know how and machinery to complete any project. Below are some of our previously completed jobs. In addition, a list of foundation issues will be provided below.

At Master Construction & Engineering, we are capable of all types of foundation repair – underpinning, new piers, leveling, flowable fill and mud jacking.

Various types of parking garage repair – deck replacement, double tees, haunches, bearing pads, beams, columns, epoxy injection, water proofing, and custom work. We can do it all.

Master Construction is experienced in foundation construction, machine pads, and any kind of structural concrete construction. We have the experience to handle any job. 

Experiencing Foundation Issues

  • Exterior Cracks  
  • Slab Cracks
  • Uneven floors and broken tiles 
  • Space and Cracks around windows 
  • Stuck Doors 


If experience any of these foundation issues please give us a call. Your foundation will deteriorate over time. Master Construction is a  certified Dallas Foundation Contractor. 

*Whatever your foundation problems, Master Construction will solve them.* 

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What actual clients say about us!

Ned D. 

"Whether the task be structural concrete for our Texas Skyride, flat concrete work in numerous locations, or an emergency overnight repair during the State fair of Texas, I can always count on Master Construction for knowledgable, courteous, and conscientious professionalism...

Dr. J. B Blackburn

When Dallas Baptist University has paving or building founation needs, we know we can trust Master Construction to provide us with quality materials and excellent services. this company stans by their work to ensure that DBU's project specifics and timelines are met...

C. Anthony Reynolds

Our experience with Master Construction has been one of success through extrene adversity. Clients can be difficult at almost anytime -- working for an owner, who is also an architect, can be beyond challenging...

Overall rating :  5/ 5

When quality and experience matter, you can trust Master Construction to get the job done right.

Clay Soil and Foundation Problems

Dallas county is in the Blackland Prairie zone which means there are a lot of dark grey to black clay types in this area. Clay causes many foundation issues because it expands and contracts with the weather. Hot conditions cause clay to shrink, and rain causes clay to expand. Clay has the ability to absorb a lot of water, but  pressure builds when clay shrinks. This shrinkage leads to foundation problems overtime. Unfortunately Dallas is known for its long, hot, and dry summers. Most of the soil in Dallas shrinks during this time of year, so foundation issues are very common. Year after year of of expanding and contracting will  cause foundation problems to your building. However as an expert foundation contractor in Dallas, we can fix your foundation problems properly.

Possible Quick Fixes?

Even though foundation issues are highly likely to occur in Dallas Texas, here are a couple of tips to help prevent future goundwork problems:

  1. Move water away from building. Install drains where needed and have a good drainage system
  2. Keep roots away from building 
  3. Repair cracks immediately 
  4. Keep some moisture around building
  5. Inspect plumbing often, check for leaks.
Foundation Repair Solution

Many foundation problems require different solutions. Whether it is  new piers, underpinning, leveling, flowable fill, or mud jacking, Master Construction can solve any foundation problems you have. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Office: 214-748-5611

Mobile: 214-748-8577