DALLAS CAMPBELL CENTRE (North Central Expressway at Caruth Haven)

Dallas Campbell Centre - With 20 stories of gold reflective glass, this office tower is one of Dallas’ first big mirror-covered buildings. The Centre today also includes a 300 room hotel.

Project included:
Photo 1 Topping Slab Repair
Removed existing topping; cleared and primed reinforcement; replaced mortar
Photo 2 Double Tee Stem Support
Fabricated and installed steel supports to reinforce deteriorated tee stems
Photo 3 Double Tee Flange Supports
Fabricated and installed angle iron supports to eliminate tee flange movement
Photo 4 Corbels
Fabricated and installed metal corbels to replace deteriorated concrete/metal corbels
Photo 5 Mid-span Double Tee Stem Supports
Fabricated and installed cantilevered metal support to eliminate flange movement

Master Construction & Engineering, Inc. - helping preserve an old Dallas landmark.

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